Google says it is adding a new robot icon to its homepage

The search giant has added a new icon to the home page of its Android app, which shows the robot parts icon on the left side of the screen.

The icon shows up when you hover your finger over the icon.

Google also said the new icon would be updated when new versions of Android are released.

Google said the robot icon was designed to make the search engine more relevant to people.

“The robot icon is designed to provide a new way for users to navigate around our products and services, and also to offer users a new visual cue to navigate to different parts of our products,” a Google spokesperson said.

“We hope that this will help people find the relevant information for their needs.”

A similar robot icon appeared on the home pages of Apple and Amazon, where robots can be used to deliver items.

Google is using a robotic version of its homepage robot to help users navigate the site, and is likely to add it to other products in the future.

Google also added a section on the robots homepage for robots that are used in agriculture, which it said had “been a big hit” among shoppers.