How to build a 90s Robot Book (via eBooks)

fender robots 80s robot book.pdf This book is for anyone who wants to build an 80s style robot book or one that is more like a 90’s version.

You can download the PDF and print it out or you can buy it as a book from Amazon (link above).

Here is a sample chapter.

 Here are some sample comments: “A very nice book, which is a good thing, because it shows how to use the electronics, and how to make a robot.

It is a lot more interesting than most robot books.”

“It is a great introduction to electronics, which makes this book a lot of fun to read.”

“A great introduction for anyone looking to build their first robot.

I especially enjoyed the introduction to the Arduino and how it’s really useful.”

“Excellent book.

This book has a lot to say, and I enjoyed the way that it presented the subject matter.”

“Good book, well written, well researched, and has lots of great content.

It’s a great read.”