How to create a sex robot from a Lego robot

I want to start by saying that I’m a big fan of Lego.

The toymaker has been around for quite some time, and has always been one of the most creative and innovative companies in the toy industry.

But this year, Lego’s newest product is a sex doll.

Like its predecessors, it’s designed to be played with and even to be owned.

But unlike the other Lego toys, this one is made entirely of Lego bricks.

It’s designed as a robot, but that’s a little less surprising given that the robot is made of Lego itself.

This is how the robot’s creator, Rob Cozmo, makes his sex doll: The head is a Lego Lego robot head, which has been sculpted to look like a humanoid.

The torso, which contains the robot arm and torso, is made from LEGO blocks.

The head features a Lego “arm” and “leg” that are attached to the body using magnets.

The legs are made from Legos, too.

Rob Cozzo said that this is the first sex robot he’s made from Lego.

It comes with an interchangeable torso, arms, and legs.

The robot has two interchangeable hands that can be used to interact with objects, like a vibrator or vibrator ring.

Rob’s robots have been around since at least 2013, but this is his first full-on robot sex doll, which makes him a little bit older than his robots.

The company has made some more toys like this, but not many.

Rob says he started with the sex toy because he wanted a toy to show his kids that they could be creative.

He wanted them to think that they can make anything.

I’m not a Lego person myself, but I think that the Lego guys are really good at making things and having fun with them.

The sex doll is not as cool as the other toys, but it’s still a great toy.

The Lego-branded toys were just a hobby for Rob, who made his robot sex dolls for about five years.

He says the company doesn’t make its own toys.

The robots are made by Lego, which he bought from a toy company, Lego Design, in 2012.

He got the robots from the Toys “R” Us website, but the toys were probably not very good quality.

So, Rob built his own.

He bought an old Lego kit, a set that was used by Lego in the 80s and 90s, and a Lego building set that has some Lego bricks on it.

He had to use a little glue to stick it all together.

The parts of the Lego building sets that Rob made were basically Lego building blocks, which are used to build Lego robots.

Rob used the Lego bricks for the torso and the arms.

He put a small piece of Legos on the robot head and then glued it to the robot body.

He also used Legos to attach the torso to the base of the robot.

The arm is a pair of Lego Lego legs that have been attached to a pair to make a robot arm.

Rob also used a pair Lego legs to attach a Lego head.

He made a few other parts to make the robot a little more robot-like.

He used a Lego hammer to push the Lego legs into place, and the robot was then made from that Lego hammer.

Rob said he’s not the biggest fan of robots, but he wanted something that people could play with.

He said he likes the way the Lego robots feel.

They feel like they belong to you, like they are your own.

So I made this robot so that it could be a little friend, and it would be like a Lego friend to you.

The body of the toy was made from a Legos brick, which was cut out from a regular Lego brick and glued together.

He then cut a hole in the body and made a little hole in each leg, like Lego would do.

Rob then glued a small hole in a Lego foot, which is a foot that sits on top of the body.

The leg is also made of Legocollis bricks, which means Lego is using Legos in its construction process.

Rob added that the legs have been made of LEGO bricks so that they don’t break when the robot gets hit.

He’s hoping to make another sex robot that will be much like this one.

He has plans to make more Lego robots, including one with a more realistic feel.