How to get rid of a desk robot

In a world of robotic assistants, desk robots may soon be on their way out.

In a report published Tuesday, the Consumer Technology Association, a trade group for the technology industry, said the industry is on track to see nearly 1.8 million jobs disappear from the job market in the next five years.

The association predicts that by 2025, the U.S. economy will have lost nearly 6.5 million jobs.

“We’ve seen this happen before with the robot takeover, and we’re not seeing it happen this time around,” said CTA President Chris Hill, who noted that the industry was facing a “massive disruption” from automation.

While robots are the dominant technology in the workplace, the industry faces challenges beyond the workplace.

A report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research last month found that automation is driving the decline of American manufacturing, as well as the loss of millions of jobs in services and the construction industry.

“While we are focused on robots and robots replacing people, we need to make sure we are not overlooking the fact that we are in a global economy that will impact our workforce in a way that is unprecedented,” Hill said.