How to make a robot litter box that is friendly and cat friendly

A toy litter box is a box made of plastic and cardboard, designed to be used to collect litter for cats and other pets.

The toy box was developed by the Israeli company T-Rex, which has a long history of making toys and is currently owned by the company Nestlé.

The T-rex litter box contains a cat litter tray, which can be attached to the bottom of the box.

T- Rex also makes other cat toys, such as a pet bowl and a cat box.

The company’s website says the litter box can be used for both cats and dogs.

It also says the toy box can help the animals in need of a good home.

“If they can’t find their own litter box, they may come to us and ask us to make one for them,” said T-REX spokesperson Siamak Rafiq.

“This toy box is not for everyone.

It is not a cat toy box.

But it is very useful for people who have a dog or cats.”