How to make a shark-in-a-bottle robot

A robot with a mouth, a tongue, and a tail that can chew up fish is on the verge of making its first appearance in a Canadian aquarium.

Shark-in a-bottles are a popular hobby for aquarium enthusiasts in Japan.

They’re made using a robotic vacuum cleaner, a mouth-like apparatus that sucks up the food and then pops it back into the vacuum.

The robot then eats the fish, but sometimes it gets caught on the way.

That’s what happened to one of the first Shark-In-A-Bottle robots.

It ended up in a local aquarium in Vancouver, where it ended up being scrapped by aquarium staff.

The robot is now back in the hobby, but is a bit more complicated than it was when it was first designed.

Instead of using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the fish it uses a robot that attaches to a hose and has a mouth and tongue that can talk to the fish.

The shark-machine can then grab the fish and use its jaws to smash it.

The company behind Shark-in the-Bottles says it’s trying to get a wider audience interested in the concept.

“It’s been a really challenging project because we’ve had some really, really positive feedback from the Japanese community, but I think a lot of people don’t get the concept of what we’re trying to do,” said Jeremy Ochberg, Shark-IN-a…