How to watch RoboCop 2 in a movie theater

If you’ve ever wanted to see RoboCop II in a theater, here’s your chance.

The Hollywood Reporter has teamed up with the Walt Disney Company to produce a film adaptation of RoboCop that will open in theaters on July 1.

The RoboCop remake will be the first of its kind for a live-action feature film and will be directed by Andrew Stanton (who helmed the film version of Captain America: Civil War).

Stanton’s version will focus on the character of Sgt. Rockford, a character who has been around since the beginning of the film franchise.

The film is expected to be about 80 minutes long.

Here’s a list of what’s included in the RoboCop sequel.

There are still many unanswered questions about RoboCop, including the extent to which the film will feature the original RoboCop.

The filmmakers have also been unable to agree on what the film’s villain will be.

The RoboCop film franchise, which was created in 1976, is now being rebooted in 2020 with the film in the title.

You can find out more about the remake’s plot and plot details on the movie’s official website.