Recode: Robots are the new unicorns. And now that tech stocks are rising, why aren’t they getting as much attention?

We are seeing an increasing number of robots taking on jobs that once required humans to do them, and robots are taking over a lot of the jobs that used to be done by humans.

Robots are becoming more powerful and are becoming cheaper to operate.

They are also becoming more comfortable in the office and they are getting better at what they do.

In other words, robots are becoming an increasingly important part of the workforce and they will continue to do so, even as other parts of the economy benefit.

But the question of how robots will fit into the economy remains a matter of some debate.

The question of whether robots will replace humans remains an open question.

This article is part of Recode’s series, “The Future of Work.”

Recode/ABC News’ Chris Sherwood contributed to this report.