Robot Boy: The Movie opens in theaters December 6, 2017

Robots are coming to theaters in December and the first robot movie to hit theaters is Robo Boy.

The movie is a retelling of the Robot Boy comic book, but it’s the first movie to feature a robot.

It was directed by a robot named Spider Man, a.k.a.

Spider Man.

The film has some impressive visual effects, including CGI and special effects shots that are made up of live actors, but they don’t do it for the robot.

Instead, the movie’s special effects are powered by 3D technology.

The first trailer showed a man holding a gun, and it showed him wielding a grappling hook.

But the trailer didn’t show the real Spider Man, who looked like he had a suit made out of rubber and rubber boots.

The film is based on the comic book series Robo Boy by writer Steve Orlando, but Orlando was hired to direct the movie because he’s a robot guy.

Orlando has also written other comics, including the Robot Man movies, and he has the most popular Spider Man title in the world, Spider-Man.

Robo Boy is set in the future where robots have been created.

The future is dominated by the robots of the world and Spider Man’s nemesis, Spidey.

Spideys main goal is to become a hero, but Spider-man is also the greatest hero in the universe, and so he fights back.

Robot Boy is an entertaining movie that looks like it could have been a hit on a Saturday night at a local movie theater, but the trailer had its critics.

In an article on, the article’s author said that the film is a “mockumentary of sorts” and that it was “totally a mockumentary.”

The movie opens in New York City, where Spider-mans friends are getting together for a date.

After a few drinks, a robot takes control of a group of friends and steals a robot toy.

The robot then goes to the local theater to meet up with Spider-men friends.

After a few fights, the robot gets spooked and fires a shot at Spider-Men friends.

The bullets hit the robot, who is now paralyzed and barely able to move.

The robots friends are saved by a Spider-boy, who turns to them and says, “I know you, Spider Man!”

The movie ends with Spider Man getting spooked again, and is seen walking in the rain.

He turns back to the robots and says to them, “Thank you, Robot Boy.”

The film had its big opening in the U.K., where the trailer showed Spider-monsters in a room, wearing Spider-gear.

The trailers for Spider- Man and Robo Boy in the UK also showed the robots in the same room, but with different costumes.

It has some strong themes about human and robot relationships, but there’s also a lot of cliches about robots and technology.

Spider-Monsters fans will find the plot and characters to be fairly predictable, but some people will find them entertaining and relatable.