Robots to get rid of pesky text and images

A robot will take the tedious task of deleting text and other images from social media and text-based applications by the end of the year.

The robots will also remove the time it takes for users to click on photos and videos. can reveal that Facebook has given the robots permission to delete the pictures that appear when users share images on their social networks, such as when they post them on Facebook Live.

Facebook has also allowed robots to delete videos of people who are participating in the live video stream of the Facebook Live event.

But it is not just about video, as it has also granted permission to other applications to delete content that does not comply with Facebook’s terms.

The news site will reveal details of the new agreement on Tuesday.

News-Tech has been told that Facebook will be using its new agreement to allow robots to remove content and content that has not been approved by Facebook.

The new agreement also allows bots to delete images that have not been vetted by Facebook and the news site.

News website will reveal more details about the deal later today.

The deal with Facebook will make it easier for Facebook to remove the images of people in the event of a mass shooting.

Facebook also has granted permission for bots to remove a post that does a lot of work for the social network.

But the social networking company is now allowing its bots to do much more, such a removing a post when the person in the picture was in the newsroom when the tragedy happened.

News site has also been told the agreement has given Facebook permission to use bots in certain types of news and information reporting.

News Tech has also learnt that bots will be allowed to post images of news stories on their Facebook pages.

However, it is understood that the social media giant has not allowed bots to post videos of news events, and has also asked for a change to the rules to allow bots to take photos of the events themselves.

News article News website has also learned that Facebook is also considering giving bots the right to post news on their pages, if they have the “authorised” authority.

This means that the news website can publish the story without having to get the permission of Facebook.

This will allow Facebook to publish the news stories it has verified through its own automated verification process.

News and current affairs have been a big focus for this year.

In fact, and News.australia are now the only Australian-based websites with a dedicated site dedicated to news.

News Media has also had a new mobile news app, which allows users to watch local news stories live and catch up on the news they have missed.

News has also recently added new sections to its Facebook page, which allow people to post links to the stories they want to share.

The site is also allowing users to post photos and video on its Facebook and Twitter pages, but has not yet opened up its Twitter page.

News media is now using its own mobile app, and is planning to launch a live news website this week.

However the new site has yet to be launched, which News.

Net has reported on.