Robots to take over factory jobs

It’s not the robots themselves that will replace humans, but automation is coming for some jobs.

That’s because robots are becoming so cheap that the robots are able to replace humans in many jobs, said John Zink, president of the robotics firm Kite.

The reason they’re cheaper than humans is because the cost of labor is dropping, he said.

Robots will replace human labor for jobs like manufacturing, but at a cost that’s lower than a human’s.

The first robot to be capable of doing these jobs will be one that is cheaper to make than a $100,000-a-year employee, Zink said.

It will cost $30,000 to $100 million, depending on the size of the company, according to Zink.

That is a big cost for the company to take on.

For a company like Kite, which has factories in China, there is a risk that a robot could take over the job.

That could cost them millions of dollars, Zank said.

But Kite has no plans to change its manufacturing processes.

For now, it is making sure the robots do what it needs them to do, Zark said.

The robot factory at the company’s factory in Shenzhen, China, is a testament to Kite’s ability to deliver on the promise of the robot.

Robots are coming and the demand is there for them to be productive, said Kite CEO Mark Wirth.

The robots are cheap to build, and we’re really happy to be in the driver’s seat of the next revolution, he told CNBC.

The new robot factory will be part of a plan to expand its manufacturing and service business in the coming years.