RoboVacuum: A robot vacuum is coming!

Autel Robotics has released its robot vacuum robot.

The robot vacuum vacuum, called RoboVact, will be the first robot vacuum developed in Australia, with a range of features that will allow it to work effectively in both indoors and outdoors.

It comes in two versions, one that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, and one that will be remotely controlled via the Internet.

The phone-controlled robot vacuum can be placed inside the home, and is designed to be able to perform all of the functions of a vacuum including vacuum cleaning, vacuum filling, and air cleaning.

It can also provide a range that the home owner can control from a range ranging from 1 to 10m, and has an air supply for ventilation.

The RoboVax comes with an on-board air filter, which can be configured to filter the air from inside the house, and a range from 0 to 50m.

There are also two different air filters, and there are two different venting ports, each with different settings.

There is also a pressure sensor, which is used to determine how much air is in the air for each venting port.

The air in the home can be monitored remotely by the robot vacuum and can be adjusted in real time.

The two robots can be programmed to perform tasks that include vacuum cleaning or vacuuming in the house.

The vacuum can also be used to vacuum fill the house using a range between 0 and 50m, but the vacuum cannot be used as a vacuum because it is not designed to do so.

This robot vacuum will be sold in Australia starting at $US200, with deliveries due in the fourth quarter of 2021.