Walmart robot dog is the size of a house

The giant robot japans Walmart robot is the biggest in the world.

But the giant robot is still only 6 feet tall, and that’s just to be on the safe side.

Walmart spokesman Jeff Smith said the company has been testing the giant pet robot in Japan for several months.

And the company is planning to use the giant japanese robot as the official mascot for the company’s upcoming marketing campaign.

The Walmart robot, nicknamed “Walmart,” is the largest in the Amazon robot’s kingdom, and it can lift 100,000 pounds.

But its big brother, the giant dog, weighs about 500 pounds.

The robot also has a “naughty” nickname.

When the giant toy dog enters the Walmart store, it can be a little rough for humans.

But the japanes giant robot isn’t that rough, Smith said.

The giant robot has been around for about a decade.

It was first shown at the Tokyo International Toy Fair in 2005.

Walmart bought the robot in 2012.

The giant japancan is one of Walmart’s largest brands, with $8.4 billion in annual sales, Smith says.