What is a Spot robot dog?

The Spot robot dogs are a kind of dog that can detect and alert other dogs to their surroundings.

This technology is used to help protect animals in hospitals and homes.

They are trained to work in teams and are used to identify and help those in need.

It is a combination of sensors, software and machine learning.

Spot is based on the concept of “spatial recognition” in which the dog learns about the environment by analyzing the environment around it.

Spot can detect things like the type of roof you are standing on, whether you have a lawn mower in your garage, and what type of food is being served to you.

Spot also works well with people.

Spot works by sending its sensors and software to people who are near the spot.

The robot dogs work by walking up to the person and taking a picture, and then analyzing that image and then sending that picture to the Spot.

The picture from the picture is then analyzed to determine if there is a problem.

The Spot has a large battery, which is used in order to recharge the battery.

When Spot is activated, the battery is recharged.

Spot has an infrared camera, which allows it to track the human and the animal and can detect their movements.

Spot uses a GPS and accelerometer to track and react to the environment.

Spot, as well as other Spot robots are currently available in the US, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, France, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Italy and Australia.

Spot and other Spot robotic dogs are currently being used by medical professionals.

Spot’s software is also used by police in the United States and around the world to find and help injured patients.

In the UK, Spot is also being used to treat the blind.