What you need to know about police robot voice and police robots

Police say they’ve developed the technology needed to use voice commands to control police robots.

The police department is using the voice-recognition technology developed by Google and the software company Accenture to control the robotic arm.

The program was developed at the request of the police department, according to the Police Department.

It was originally developed as a way to help officers better manage officers on the street, but the department plans to use the technology to assist other departments.

The department has been testing the technology in its use of its new automated vehicle.

The vehicles are equipped with the voice recognition software that helps them identify suspects.

The technology was tested on a new police vehicle that was purchased in March, but was not tested in real-world use until this month.

The software is designed to work with a wide variety of voice commands, but not every command is accepted.

For example, police say they need to be able to determine whether a person is armed and have the police robot follow commands.