What’s next for da Vinci robot?

A robot built by a company in China has been declared “robots dead” after it failed to complete a series of tests.

The R2D2 robot was part of a demonstration by R&D Lab China in the Chinese city of Chengdu.

The robot, which cost about $3,500, was being tested to find out whether it could carry out the job of human drivers.

The robot was designed to be used by taxi drivers.

When it failed a series the tests, R&d Lab China said it would no longer be made.

“We believe this is the end of R2, a robot built for testing purposes, and this is a sad day for the human race,” a spokesman for the company told Reuters.

“In this sense, it was a failure.”

China is a key market for robotic systems.

It is now the world’s biggest market for robot research, and there is a growing interest in using robots for everyday tasks.

R&d has a long history of building robots, and the company was the first to build a humanoid robot, known as the Wunderland, which competed in the 1964 Olympics.

China’s robotic industry is booming, with companies such as China Robotics and the Guangzhou-based Wunderling Robotics Co, both of which are based in Beijing, making large sums of money.

The Chengdu robot failed to achieve the level of performance it set out to achieve.

“This robot was developed for a test and demonstration purpose.

We were unable to complete the tasks we set out in the test, and our customers can only accept this as a bad result,” R&dk Lab China’s spokesman said.

“The R&df Robot team will try hard to find a solution for this problem.”

R&dk said it was not willing to give details about the cause of the failure, but it said it expected the robot to return to service once it completed its test in Chengdu next week.

Robots are being built by more than 1,000 companies around the world.