When cozmo robo becomes a reality: The pool vacuum roboticist’s dream

A home robot called Cozmo has been gaining attention on the tech scene for years, but now it’s coming to life.

Cozms creators have been trying to make the robot for a few years now and finally got a chance to try out their first prototype last week.

Cozzmo is a three-wheeled robot with a retractable bed that can move, but it has been in development for more than five years.

This robot can vacuum, scrub and scoop up debris like a vacuum cleaner, and its arms are made out of aluminum.

Cozi is built for home use and can do it in about five minutes.

It’s powered by an electric motor, which is able to run continuously.

The roboticist uses the robot to do tasks that are not always possible with traditional vacuum cleaners, such as pulling out moldy carpet or cleaning up spilled coffee.

Cozy’s creators are working with the company Rambus, and the robot is expected to be available in early 2018.

Cozie has already proven itself at competitions, and it’s going to be a big step up from the current crop of vacuums.

The robot has two wheels, which are connected to a gripper that can scoop up and move objects.

The gripper is powered by two lithium batteries, which can be swapped out in order to power other parts of the robot.

Cozebo’s creators also have the robot attached to a pair of solar panels that can be charged up by solar panels.

This system allows Cozmos to last for up to four days.

Coznos creators also plan to make a 3D model of the robots home, as well as make the robots interior visible, like a living room.

Coezmo is an open source project, and is being built by two engineers in Switzerland.

The robots creators hope that the project will allow them to further their vision of the future of home automation.

Cozoos creators say they are working to make Cozmos home cleaner, as it will not only remove mold from surfaces but also prevent mold growth from spreading.

This could be helpful for people with mold allergies.

Cozes creators hope to make it possible for people to get a lot of use out of Cozmeds home.

Cozemo will be available for sale in mid-2018, with prices starting at $1,500.

For more information about Cozco, check out their website.