When Google says robot hand has ‘robots eyes’ – The WSJ

Robots are coming, and the tech giant has already shown off some of its latest creations.

The company is showing off a robot that can identify people, places, and even objects with its “eyes” on the robot’s chest, and that it can even use “virtual” facial recognition software to identify faces.

Google said that the “eyes,” which are powered by “laser-sensitive vision,” are “based on real-world sensors that enable the robot to identify people and objects based on their face, their posture, and their body posture.”

The company also showed off a pair of robots that can look through people’s glasses and see the wearer’s “eye.”

The robot uses “deep learning” technology, which allows the machine to learn how to recognize the human body.

The company said that deep learning was used in its “robots hands” system.

Google’s robot hands, a robotic hand that is equipped with “eyes.”

Google/iStockphotoGoogle has also shown off its new “eyes”-like feature.

The “eyes are designed to look through a person’s eyes, and then automatically identify the face,” the company said.

“It is also possible to take a photo of the eye with a high-definition camera and analyze the eye in real time.

We can then see how it has changed over time, allowing us to customize the image and provide additional information such as the user’s age and gender.”

The feature is expected to be in use by early next year.

Google also said that it is “working to make eyes even more useful, like identifying faces and even more complex objects, such as hands and feet.”