When you’re a robot: 10 fun things to do with your Android robot

By now, you’ve probably been playing around with the Google Now assistant for years.

We’ve got tons of ways to use it to take notes, make calls, get directions, read emails, and more.

Now you can make your own, too.

Here are a few of the more common uses for your Android Robot.1.

Collecting data2.

Monitoring traffic3.

Making calls4.

Reading emails5.

Reads your email6.


Playing music8.

Reminding a friend9.

Searching for your phone10.

Search for your email.1) Collecting Data The first thing you can do is to turn your Android phone into a digital record.

The app will start recording your voice and location every few seconds, and then send the data to Google for analysis.

For instance, you can use Google’s API to find out how many people have used the app and whether they’re active.2) Monitoring TrafficGoogle Now’s Traffic Analyzer lets you monitor traffic, whether it’s coming in or leaving, and to set alerts for traffic congestion.

You can also add or delete events that you want to keep.

Google will also notify you when it detects a problem with your traffic, so you can adjust the way you schedule your trips.3) Making Calls Google Now’s Call Tracking lets you record calls and record the duration of the call, and even let you call the number yourself.

It also lets you make calls on the go.4) Reading EmailsGoogle Now can read email, too, so long as you’re using a compatible email client like Outlook or Gmail.

It can also send you an email from your Gmail account, so your Gmail inbox isn’t left open to spam.5) RemindersGoogle Now also lets your Android know when you need to take a break.

You’ll see a timer and the time you need it to come back, and the app will notify you.6) Reading EmailGoogle Now will also send an email to your Gmail address.

Just type your Gmail password into the app’s settings, and it’ll send the email to the Gmail address you specified.7) Reminding A FriendGoogle Now lets you set reminders for your friends so they don’t forget.

Just hit the ‘Remind’ button on your Android and it will remind your friend of a particular event.8) Playing MusicGoogle Now even lets you play your favorite music, so Google can let you know when something’s playing, whether you’re listening to it or not.9) Reminder for Your PhoneYou can also tell Google Now to notify you if you need more help, such as a call or a text.

Just hold your phone up to Google Now and it shows up with the contact information, and you can then respond.10) Reading emailsYou can read emails from Google Now too, just hold it up to the app, and see the notifications.11) Reminding A FriendThe Google Now Assistant can also remind your friends to do certain things, and make them do them too.

Just tell Google what you want them to do and it sends them the reminder email.12) Removing EventsGoogle Now tells you when an event is happening, and when you can remove it from the calendar.

Just press the ‘Remove’ button.13) Remitting A CallThe Google Assistant can even send a call directly to your phone.

Just speak to Google to get the call started.14) Remapping Google NowThe app can also control what apps you see on your phone and how they’re displayed.

Just ask Google to change the display settings, or set your phone to show all your contacts.15) Remit to Your EmailGoogle tells you what emails you need, and lets you send them directly to Gmail.

Just add a new email and tell Google to send it to your inbox.16) Remittances to GoogleYour Google Now can send you reminders to your Google Calendar so you don’t miss them, too—just ask it to remind you.17) Remaking Your PhoneGoogle Now doesn’t have a built-in camera, but it does have a camera app.

You just have to point it at your phone, and after a few seconds it takes a picture of the area.18) Remuting EventsWhen you’re trying to figure out what’s happening, Google Now lets the app do the rest.

Just point it to a certain event, and Google will tell you the name of the event and its time.19) Remi-ing Your PhoneWhen you have multiple devices in your house, it’s often useful to remit some of the costs to one device so you’ll never have to pay another.

Just use Google Now on a device that’s connected to the internet, and its Google Assistant will tell the Google Assistant to tell Google Assistant what you need.20) Remaining MotivatedGoogle Now is great for staying motivated when you’re not having a good day.

Just swipe your