Which robot is best for fighting ISIS?

On Friday, The American Conservatives published a story titled “Which robot is the best robot for fighting the Islamic State?

According to some experts, the answer is the military robot.”

According to the article, “a senior military officer told The American Congress that the military would be better off with a fully armed robot that can carry and fire a high-powered weapon than a fully armored robot.”

The article further stated, “The Pentagon is looking to develop a fully operational, highly capable robot that will be able to take on multiple targets at once, and it is not clear if it would be able take out a fighter like ISIS without assistance.”

The military is also interested in having a robot that could shoot down a plane that’s approaching them.

In addition, the article states that the U.S. is considering building a robot capable of capturing an ISIS hostage, as well as the development of an automated weapon that can destroy a large number of ISIS fighters.

The article goes on to state that the defense budget of the United States has increased from $1.8 trillion to $2.4 trillion over the last decade.

The American conservative is not the only organization that has criticized the military’s robotics efforts.

In November, a cybersecurity firm called Kryptowire released a report stating that the Pentagon has spent more than $300 million to develop an automated weapons system capable of destroying an ISIS robot.

Kryptowires report was based on a leaked internal report that stated that the United Kingdom, France, and Israel have been spending millions of dollars on military robots that can defeat ISIS robots.

“The US Defense Department is not interested in the development or use of autonomous weapons against ISIS,” Kryptowis report stated.

“We have seen an unprecedented amount of information and data about the potential of robots that could defeat ISIS and our concerns are that the US Defense will not engage with this new technology and instead focus on the future of war.”