Why is shark Iq robot killing sharks?

On the island of Mauritius, a shark iq is a big threat to humans.

Its an aquatic predator that kills by biting people.

But there is a way for the shark to avoid these attacks.

Its the shark robot, a robot developed by the US-based company iQ Robotics, that has been killing shark Iqs for decades.

The robot is a giant robot that can travel at speeds of up to 200km/h.

The iq can swim up to 30km/hr.

Its a very fast and manoeuvrable robot that has also been able to take down an underwater drone.

When a shark kills a person, its called a shark sting, a type of poisoning.

In Mauritius it is illegal to kill sharks, but it is legal to kill shark iqs.

In 2011, the robot attacked two people in the same village.

One of them, a woman, was bitten by the shark.

She was taken to hospital, but died a few days later.

She had a fractured skull, a brain injury and a severe brain bleed.

The shark robot is now under the control of the local government.

The iq has been given a new name: The Shark Robot.

The robot is the third shark iqt robot in Mauritius and is the first in the world to be developed by a non-governmental organisation, according to the iQ website.

It was developed by an independent company.

The Shark Robot is currently in a quarantine zone in Mauritia.

It is now safe to enter the island, but only if the shark is released into the sea.

It was developed and tested in collaboration with a group of scientists from the University of Maryland, University of Florida, and the University and the School of Mechanical Engineering.

The robots ability to attack sharks is based on the ability of the shark’s dorsal fin to capture the prey in its mouth, as opposed to its claws, which the shark can use to grab.

This allows the shark iqi to grab the prey and rip it to shreds.

The shark iiq is a very dangerous predator, said Dr Shoaib Ali, the project scientist.

The technology has been used in attacks on human populations in Indonesia, Australia and elsewhere.

The Iq is the largest predatory shark in the oceans, and its attack capabilities are unique.

Its killing sharks is a problem that the islanders face every day, said Ali.

“It’s not like the shark I q is harmless, they are very dangerous,” he said.

Ali said the robot has already caused significant damage to the local fishing industry.

“There are fishermen in the area that are still hunting sharks in their nets, and they are not getting their catch because of the sharks, he said, adding that the robots actions have also killed some of the fisherman.

The island’s fisherman are calling on the Mauritius government to change the law so that fishermen are not forced to fish in the sharks area.

The Mauritanian government has said it will investigate the deaths and take action.

The island’s Fisheries Ministry has also said it is taking measures to address the issue.

The Iq Robot will stay in quarantine until a new shark iqa robot is built.

The team behind the iq robotic said they are still in the process of developing a new version of the robot.