Why the Lego Batman Movie Is the Most Popular Sci-Fi Movie Ever

Lego Batman’s third Lego Movie has been making a big splash in theaters over the last year, but there’s one more piece of its backstory we can’t get enough of: a toy cat toy.

In its third instalment, the film follows Batman as he travels across the city in a Batmobile.

But while the toy is a very cool toy, it’s also the subject of a series of lawsuits.

Last month, a federal judge dismissed a class-action lawsuit against the company in which a number of toy owners claimed they were ripped off by a $10,000 price hike on the toy in 2012.

The suit claimed that the toy cost $60 to make, but that the manufacturer had sold it for $45.

The makers of the Batmobile claimed the toy was $60, so the suit claimed the makers had illegally charged them for the toy.

Lego eventually settled out of court, agreeing to pay $10 million to settle the suit.